Operation Seabee CARE Packages 2007

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Greetings All,

Please print the poster (below) and post so that other may join our CARE Package effort. Based on the overwhelming enthusiasm and success that this program had last year, we are looking forward to a very successful shipment to our troops this year.

Troop Addresses can be found on:




Look in "Where to Send" and pick out a postee. All postees have agreed to distribute their packages to their Shipmates. Based on our past experience, the USPS $ 8.95 flat rate boxes are the best bet - ask your local postperson about specifics of shipment requirements. Some feedback from the troops verified that these are very handy sizewise and otherwise. Corpsmen and Chaplains seem to be in charge of many distributions, especially with Marine units and Seabee units. Deadline for shipment so that the troops receive CARE packages before the holidays is about the first week of November - although please send at other times also.

What to send is up to you, Here is what I found was appreciated:

Brown Jersey gloves, watch caps (it gets cold at night there) hard candy, nuts, jerky, Christmas Cards w/pens, Day Minders, Magazines, DVD’s, Photos of the sender w/special message of encouragement etc...Be creative....check some of the requests on anysailor ,anymarine, or anysoldier—especially the special requests of our female troops.

If you are a Veteran, active troops have expressed special interest in messages/cards from you. Some units have approx. 20% female shipmates who have particular requests - please consider this when searching for a recipient.

Last year the thank you notes and expressions of gratitude I received on behalf of all who received supplies was most satisfying and humbling.

I pass on to you the "Well Done".

Be absolutely assured - the troops REALLY APPRECIATE this.


Edwin Foster

112th Seabees Secretary/Historian