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Onboard LST

Unloading LST

112th NCB Movie Theater on Tinian 1945


504BG, Bee-29


Building Hit by Shellfire

Roads on Tinian, Double Lane is Broadway

Latrines on Tinian

First Camp on Tinian December 1944

Washing Up Mess Kits on Tinian

Native Women

Wrecked Building


B-24, " Little Effie" on Tinian Runway

Aircraft Carrier Planes

High Jump on Oahu May 1944

War Cemetery, Tinian?

112th NCB Camp on Tinian, Theater at Upper Left

Livestock and Natives on Tinian

Camp Pinkes Sign on Tinian. Charles Pinkes, KIA on Oahu 1944

Entrance to 112th NCB Camp on Tinian, Bulletin Board at left

Camp on Tinian

Tinian Chapel

Gun on Tinian

112th NCB Motor Pool, Tinian



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